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V5 can perform all veterinary applications more easily. It outstands for featuring premium image quality,considerate design for comfortable, quick and reliable pregnancy detection,even under difficult field conditions on a daily basis

V5 can perform all veterinary applications more easily. It outstands for featuring premium image quality,
considerate design for comfortable, quick and reliable pregnancy detection,even under difficult field 
conditions on a daily basis.

Specification Imaging Mode B,B+B,B+M,M,4B Probe Type Abdominal convex/
micro convex/ 
Highfrequency Linear/ 
Rectal convex/
 Rectal linear probes available
Probe Frequency Muti-frequency Depends
 on probe type
Penetration Depth  Adjustable from 12cm to 22cm
External Connection 
USB 2.0/Video glass/Mouse Display 5.8 inches High-resolution Screen
Scanner Weight 625g Battery Li-ion battery,11.2V, 2600mAh
Operating Time Up to 5 continuous working
Charging time Less than 1.5 hs
Cine-loop 420 frames Size (LxWxH) 25x12x4 cm
Configuration Standard Configuration  Options
1*V5 machine;
1*Abdominal Convex probe;
1*Li-ion high-power-capacity battery;
1*Battery charger (AC110V~250V,50/60Hz);
1*Neck strap and hand strap;
1*Aluminum alloy carry case;
1*User guide;

Abdominal convex/micro convex/ High-frequency Linear/ 
Rectal convex/ Rectal linear probes;
I.F.R Introducer;
Li-ion high-power capacity battery;
Car Charger;
Video glass;
Leather protector; 
Used On Used on Used for
camel&small ruminants
Pregnancy /Fetal sex detection /
ovarian examination/ 
post pactum diagnosis/Musculoskeletal scan

Probes and other optional list 

Name Type No. Picture Description&Specification Note
Video Goggle  VG2 Up to 7 continuous working hours, 
High resolution 
16:9 wide screen.
For veterinary,used 
on V5&V5plus
Rectal Linear Probe LR-65V Central frequency: 6.5 MHZ 
Frequency range: 5~8 MHz 
Applications: OB/GYN; Fetal sexing, 
Ovarian diagnosis,
 Follicles Visualization
For veterinary
Rectal Convex probe RC4P Central frequency:4 MHZ 
Frequency range: 2.5~5 MHz
Applications: Fetal sexing, 
Ovarian diagnosis, 
Follicles Visualization
For veterinary
Convex probe C350P Central Frequency : 3.5 MHz
Frequency range: 2~5MHz 
Elements: 128
For veterinary&human
Micro-convex probe C520P Central Frequency : 6.5 MHz
Frequency range: 5.0,6.5,7.5 MHz
Elements: 128
For veterinary&human
HF Linear probe LH75P Central frequency :7.5 MHz 
Frequency range:5~8 MHz 
Number of elements:128
For veterinary&human
Mechanical sector probe   Central Frequency : 3.5 MHz 
Frequency range: 2~5MHz 
For veterinary&human
I.F.R Introducer IFR-85L 85cm length, weight 600g, combined use 
with Rectal linear probe
For veterinary,used on 
Rectal linear probe
IFR-85R 85cm length, weight 600g, combined use 
with Rectal convex probe
For veterinary,used on 
Rectal convex probe
Car charger / / For veterinary&human
High capacity Li-ion battery / 2600mAH For veterinary

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